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Docker vs binary packages

The other day I had a conversation with a Operations Engineer who made a bold statement: "Sending us a docker container is not different from sending us a .deb package" I do not agree with that statement at all but didn't have the time to counter it, so instead I ... Read more »

Exception handling for junior devs

Exception handling is a very important thing for creating production ready code. When you are a brand new developer you might not know how to do exception handling properly. Here I will try to describe a few basic rules that should be followed when coding. Please note that as always ... Read more »

TILs (Today I Learneds)

I have started a TIL. To be quite honest, I don't post a lot on this blog, but on my TIL, I do post a lot more often. ... Read more »

Values in software development

During my job as a software developer I have stumbled upon some values that makes a lot of sense to me: We value code that is easy to maintain over code that is easy to write I am not sure if this is the origin of this value, but I ... Read more »

Vlog: what is an API (for non-tech people)

So I decided to try something new: I made a video explaining what an API is! Of course if you are a software developer you probably already know, so move on then, or wait just a second - you could show this video to a business person you know :-) ... Read more »

Mix tasks in Phoenix using Ecto

Working with Phoenix version 0.16 I needed to import some records from a csv file. My first problem was where to place the tasks, after some research I found that you place them under lib/tasks and name them some_name.ex (not exs) The code for the task ... Read more »

Optimistic locking in mongomapper and eventbus

In Be My Eyes we use mongomapper and eventbus, both are very good tools that make my everyday life as a developer easier - except when it doesn't. We had a problem where more than one helper is added to a call. This should not happen. We have a pretty ... Read more »

Setup resque mailer on Ubuntu 14.04

I recently moved a site from EngineYard to Digital Ocean. The site used resque mailer to send emails. So I had to set up resque to handle the queue. I decided to start it with upstart and added the following script to /etc/init/resque.conf description "Resque worker configuration" ... Read more »