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Frontend developers and their tools

I read some frontend developer magazines like net magazine and Web Designer Magazine. Now I really like both of them, and so I thought about how great it would be to have something like that for backend developers (or maybe full stack developers). And I thought about why it is ... Read more »

Git bisect

Oh how I love git bisect In the last couple of weeks I had some bugs that were introduced at a unknown commit. Actually I couldn't even find out what code was working wrong. I did however know excactly what was wrong in the UI. For problems like this git ... Read more »

My Mac Setup

This is just a run through of my Mac setup - I do this mostly for myself, so I can find it whenever I need to setup a Mac, but you are welcome to take a peek :-) First of all Caps Lock (I never hit Caps Lock except by ... Read more »

Update all records in mongodb

Recently we discovered a problem in Be My Eyes where an id was not unique. So we needed a quick fix to make all ids a forthrunning unique number before solving the problem in the code. On stackoverflow i found this question: And I ... Read more »

Heroku like deployment for your cloud host / VPS

For Be My Eyes I have set up a heroku like deployment environment Basically I followed this approach: But there is one problem with the above approach, and that is that I want to be able to push other branches than master to ... Read more »

Practices of a proffesional developer

Over the years I have picked up a list of practices that I think are essential to a professional developer - these are of course my opinions - other may disagree. We don't expect our customers or managers to ask for these things - but rather as professionals we do ... Read more »

Start umbraco with mvc four

I found an article by Ben Morris and it was very useful, however it seems to be gone now, so to remember it, I keep it here: The below text is from this stackoverflow This setup worked really well for me (Umbraco version 6.1.6) Firstly, start an empty ... Read more »

Hvorfor jeg koder

Hvorfor er det fedt at kode? Bemærk: En redigeret version ligger op Det er godt engang i mellem og tænke over det man gør og hvorfor man gør det. Derfor vil jeg hér reflekterer lidt over hvad jeg laver og hvorfor mit arbejde er det bedste i verden ... Read more »